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Energy Healer, Cat Behavior Consultant, & Author

We all have wounds. Let us use them as a catalyst for finding light and love!

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Releasing July 31, 2024

Purrrfecting Your Bond: A Practical & Spiritual Guide to Create a Lasting, Loving Relationship with Your Kitty

Discover the ultimate guide to nurturing a deep, loving connection with your cat in Purrrfecting Your Bond. This groundbreaking book uniquely combines practical cat care tips with spiritual practices to foster a harmonious human-feline relationship.


A Little About Me

All Creatures, Great & Small

Does it seem an odd combo? Cats and energy work? I love both and am excited to offer the energy work I have been doing for over seven years to a wider audience and I am pleased to be able to do more to help my animal “best friend” – the cat. Because of my background and interests, all of my services focus on holistic wellness. I consider the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of the person or feline and go with each on a journey of healing. I am a certified Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code practitioner. I am certified as an advanced feline trainer with emphasis on feline behavior. I would love to work with you, your family, and your kitty. 


My son complained of heart pain for months, and though doctors ran numerous tests, they were unable to help him. After two sessions of energy work with Jessica, the pain disappeared. Jessica also worked with another child who suffers from depression. Three days after implementing Jessica’s suggestions, tailored specifically to my child via energy work, he announced for the first time in his life that he was taking a walk! Thank you so much, Jessica!  

Ellie W. – 58

Ellie W.

My daughter and I have been regular clients with Jessica now for almost 5 years. I consider her one of my most influential spiritual healers.

-Melissa G, 46

Melissa G.


Working with Jessica has been positive and fulfilling. Prior to energy work, I was feeling engulfed in fear, self-doubt, and anxiety. Jessica made each session specific to me and always addressed what I needed and more. Along with our sessions, Jessica provided a lot of resources for me to turn to. I read several books she recommended, met with a specialized therapist as she suggested, and my favorite was the small weekly homework assignments she gave me. Working these small tasks throughout the week helped me stay focused and take control of my healing. After nearly a year, my results have been long-lasting. This wasn’t a bandaid fix. I feel joy again!

-Charlotte O, 36

Charlotte O.


Jessica has a wealth of knowledge about cats and kittens. She has been such an amazing resource for our household. Her years of raising rescue kittens and having her own cat, have given her the experience and growth to confidently pursue her passion and love for the feline species. We appreciate all her advice and kindness in raising our own furry family.

-Kasey Grubb MSN, RN, CNE

Kasey Grubb MSN, RN, CNE


Healing Hearts & Minds Blog​


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

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