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Jessica has a wealth of knowledge about cats and kittens. She has been such an amazing resource for our household. Her years of raising rescue kittens and having her own cat, have given her the experience and growth to confidently pursue her passion and love for the feline species. We appreciate all her advice and kindness in raising our own furry family.

-Kasey Grubb MSN, RN, CNE

Kasey Grubb MSN, RN, CNE


Jessica Mockett

Professional Paths

Does it seem an odd combo to focus on cats and energy work? I love both and am excited to offer the energy work I have been doing for over seven years to a wider audience and I am pleased to be able to do more to help my animal “best friend” – the cat. Because of my background and interests, all of my services focus on holistic wellness. I consider the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of the person or feline and go with each on a journey of healing. I am a certified Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code practitioner. I am certified as an advanced feline trainer with emphasis on feline behavior.

It took some time to land here, but here is where I want to be. Our lives can go in many directions, we twist and turn on the byways of life, doubling back, moving forward, trying to find our one true path. As such, I have had a variety of professional experiences. In my early years, after college graduation, I was a darn good waitress and nanny. I became a self-taught video producer and for ten years loved that path, culminating in spending the bulk of 5 years researching, directing, and releasing a documentary film to help Christians struggling with sex and pornography addictions. I then wound up as an operations director at a SaaS startup for seven years.

During those seven years of a typical “9-5” job, I really began a personal journey of healing and spiritual growth. I was given the book The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and while I had already been dipping my toe in alternative health practices, this book opened my eyes and heart to the reality and efficacy of energy work. I began seeing a Body Code practitioner regularly over nearly a two year period. I saw my life change in very profound ways. Not only from the release of long-held negative energies but from the spiritual mentoring I received at the time and from my own personal drive to keep learning more and more about the laws of the universe, the mysteries of God,  mindfulness, and more.

I have since become certified as an energy healer practitioner. I also utilize and teach tapping (or EFT), assist others with a frequency device called Healy, build personalized positive affirmation lists and guided meditations for clients, utilize crystals, and have acquired vast knowledge via numerous healing and spiritual books that help me help you.

With cats, I began volunteering as a foster ten years ago. At this point I have personally sheltered and cared for nearly one hundred kittens and cats, many of whom were neonatal kittens, critically ill, or badly injured. I am currently writing a book on the care of cats. With so many hours of screening adopters and advising cat owners on their concerns under my belt, I decided to attend the Animal Behavior Institute and have completed their Advanced Feline Training and Behavior certification program. I continue to add to my feline certifications, so check my credentials on the Purrrfect Bonds page for the latest.

I'd Like to Help


Energy Work

The Belief Code®, the Body Code, and the Emotion Code® (and other energy modalities I may use in sessions or recommend for you try) are all about removing imbalances to make conditions right for the body to restore its own health.


Cats are beautiful. Sassy. Funny. Charming. Intelligent. Sensitive. Curious. They are joy in our lives. However, we still have so much to learn about how to live with them in harmony. Please let me help you and your cat find peace and balance in your lives together through the use of today’s best scientific methodologies for felines as well as through embracing holistic tools.

Let's Work Together

If you are ready to seek healing for yourself, your family or your pets, I would love to help you on the journey. 

Reach out via email if you have any questions about what I can do for you. Or discover more information on either my Body Code page or Purrrfect Bonds page. When you are ready, you can fill out the form on the Book Now and I will follow up with an email. I am looking forward to connecting.