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Gauging Change

The healing journey is exciting. It feels amazing to look back and recognize how far you have come! You can see the change by detecting the differences in the way you react or respond in difficult circumstances. You find you are more patient and without defensiveness or frustration. You sense and feel that you are happier, more likely to burst into song or dance around the house. You feel so much hope and more genuine love for yourself and others.

An example of this from my own journey:

My driving karma has not been the best in my life, most especially in my late teens and twenties. I had so many fender bender accidents, flat tires, and speeding tickets. I was just, for whatever reason, attracting these kinds of experiences. Maybe the universe was trying to wake me up to more cautious driving behavior?

Every time in my life when a cop pulled me over I immediately had a rush of negative feelings and thoughts, “Why me? That other guy was going much faster!” or “I don’t have the money for this! What am I going to do?” or “Stupid cop! He’s some ego-driven jerk looking to put a woman in her place.” or “I wasn’t even speeding! Why is he pulling me over!” In summation, a lot of anger, frustration, defensiveness, justification, fear, panic would be filling my heart, mind, and body as I pulled over to the side of the road. My heart would get that sinking feeling and the adrenaline rush would cause me to tremble.

Well, after about two years of doing regular energy clearings, focusing on knowing God better, saying daily affirmations, listening to and reading a lot of uplifting messages each day, and working to shift from a negative mindset to a positive mindset I had a very different experience with being pulled over.

It was a weekday morning in the spring, I was driving on my way in to work on a frontage road before hopping on the freeway. I was belting, “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a wonderful feeling, everything’s going my way!” when police lights popped on behind me to pull me over. I didn’t even get the slightest sinking feeling. I didn’t have an inner negative dialogue at all. I thought as I giggled “Oops! I was totally speeding. That’s fair!” As the officer approached I felt calm. As he asked me “Do you know why I pulled you over?” in a serious tone I replied kindly with a smile, “Yes, I’m so sorry. I was speeding. I was distracted by this beautiful spring morning and wasn’t paying close attention.”

He took my driver’s license and insurance and went away to do the standard procedure on my ID. As he did I sat patiently in my car, continuing to hum a happy tune, and even though I knew I didn’t have any extra funds to pay a ticket, I felt confident that God would help it all work out.

When he came back he graciously gave me just a warning and I gladly thanked him. As I was getting ready to drive off and he walking back to his cruiser, I felt promoted to call out my window, “Please be safe today officer!” It was a sincere feeling. In my heart and mind I was asking God to protect him in his duties.

I later stopped to assess how differently I felt and behaved with this situation than I had experienced so many times before with such a dramatically different attitude. I felt giddy, liberated, delighted to see that I had come so far from the easily frustrated and defensive girl I had been most of my adult life.

Now, it isn’t always possible to retain these highly healthy places. It’s common to slip back a bit when difficulties arise. But the point is that you stay in a upward trajectory, where despite some setbacks, the overall line keeps moving upward towards health, peace, joy, love and God.