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My son complained of heart pain for months, and though doctors ran numerous tests, they were unable to help him. After two sessions of energy work with Jessica, the pain disappeared. Jessica also worked with another child who suffers from depression. Three days after implementing Jessica’s suggestions, tailored specifically to my child via energy work, he announced for the first time in his life that he was taking a walk! Thank you so much, Jessica!  

Ellie W. – 58

Ellie W.

My daughter and I have been regular clients with Jessica now for almost 5 years. I consider her one of my most influential spiritual healers.

-Melissa G, 46

Melissa G.


Working with Jessica has been positive and fulfilling. Prior to energy work, I was feeling engulfed in fear, self-doubt, and anxiety. Jessica made each session specific to me and always addressed what I needed and more. Along with our sessions, Jessica provided a lot of resources for me to turn to. I read several books she recommended, met with a specialized therapist as she suggested, and my favorite was the small weekly homework assignments she gave me. Working these small tasks throughout the week helped me stay focused and take control of my healing. After nearly a year, my results have been long-lasting. This wasn’t a bandaid fix. I feel joy again!

-Charlotte O, 36

Charlotte O.


Jessica has a wealth of knowledge about cats and kittens. She has been such an amazing resource for our household. Her years of raising rescue kittens and having her own cat, have given her the experience and growth to confidently pursue her passion and love for the feline species. We appreciate all her advice and kindness in raising our own furry family.

-Kasey Grubb MSN, RN, CNE

Kasey Grubb MSN, RN, CNE


Throughout my years working with families who have experienced sexual trauma–and being a survivor myself–I know how disorienting the healing process can be. We look around, and we feel so lost. We don’t know where to start. Especially in a faith-based environment, this is not something we often talk about, so we are hesitant to reach out and ask for resources. This guide is the answer. “Your Holistic Guide for Helping Your Child Heal from Sexual Abuse and Trauma” is a perfect handbook, like a comforting angel holding your hand along the way whispering directions about who to talk to, where to go, and what to do, from start to finish.

-Melody Harrison Bergman, Co-founder of Media Savvy Moms

Melody Harrison Bergman, Co-founder of Media Savvy Moms


Jessica has such an exceptional knowledge of cats and kittens. I’ve been to her many times for help with my own cats. She always listens carefully and then has such great advice as to what can be done to remedy the problem at hand. I had a very elderly cat and he started using the corner of a bedroom carpet as his “litter box” over and over. I went to Jessica bewildered. She informed me that elderly cats that had been declawed found the litter in the box too painful. Never will I declaw again! She suggested puppy pads for the area. Problem solved, and not just that the problem was solved but I had understanding, thus empathy for my cat! I received a cat care and keeping book from a friend and frankly Jessica is far more helpful than the book. I turn to Jessica first if there is a feline problem at hand!

-Libby M, 59

Libby M


Jessica is phenomenal. She is clear, precise, and open through the entire process of energy healing. In my experience, Jessica finds the issue that the body is hoping to release, and she’s thorough and clean with releasing it. It’s so comforting to have a friend and guide to help me make more of my life. I always feel lighter and more at ease after our sessions. Thank you, Jessica, for your fabulous work and for opening your heart to every person you work with. I view Jessica as more than an energy healer. I see her as someone who has empowered and opened my eyes to my own intuition and become a trusted friend and guide on the path upward. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to lesson their internal load and enjoy more light every day.

-Judy N, 35

Judy N


This guide provides important information and ideas concerning how you can support a child who has suffered a sexual trauma, but beyond that, it offers compassion and hope to children and parents alike. The principles here are excellent: be open, find a qualified therapist, believe your child, educate yourself, discourage shame, and above all, develop and strengthen communication with your child as your work together to heal. Safe Haven’s dedication to holistic healing is clear as they address pragmatic issues such as taking legal action alongside established therapy treatments as well as remaining open to the benefits of practices such as meditation and energy healing. The carefully curated selection of additional resources at the end of the guide gives parents a built in plan continue their own education on a variety of more specialized topics relating to sexual trauma and abuse. For any parent looking for help, encouragement, and concrete actions as they navigate the complex world of their child’s sexual trauma, Safe Haven’s holistic recovery guide is a welcome and useful resource.

-Jenny Webb, MA, Educate and Empower Kids Board Member

Jenny Webb, MA, Educate and Empower Kids Board Member


Jessica has a unique ability to connect with cats of all ages and temperament, which is something that should not be overlooked when searching for a cat behavioral specialist. She combines years of knowledge with patience using a holistic approach to help cultivate your relation ship with your feline friend. As a former director of an animal rescue, we were lucky enough to have Jessica’s support from bottle feeding to extensive medical cases which required 24/7 care. Jessica has the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism when it comes to handling her animals and helping anyone with theirs. She will teach you how to create a positive environment in a multi-animal household, fix litter box issues, prevent and tame aggression, tips on cleanliness, medical advice required, and the importance of play time, etc. If you are in need of a cat behavior specialist, you will be in good hands with Jessica.

– Heidi Oettinger, Former Director of A New Beginning Animal

Heidi Oettinger, Former Director of A New Beginning Animal